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9 Keys to Managing Nurse Stress in the Early Stages

Most people go into nursing because they are enthusiastic about helping others and they have a passion for the job. Unfortunately, they soon find out that this profession is extremely taxing because it often includes long shifts, challenging patients, and difficult relationships with coworkers. Nurse burnout is a significant risk

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10 Tips for Finding Low-Stress Nursing Jobs

Stress in nursing is one of the biggest issues in the healthcare industry. Although many people who start to work in this profession feel passionate about nursing, they might soon feel overwhelmed due to the many demands placed on them. Luckily, there are a wide variety of positions available, and

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The Top 10 Causes of Stress in Nursing

In the US, there is a serious nursing shortage that is likely to get worse over time. In fact, experts estimate that there will be a shortfall of hundreds of thousands of nurses by 2030. Unfortunately, part of the problem is that the profession can be extremely taxing. Stress in

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What Coping Strategies Can Nurses Use to Minimize Work Stress?

Being a nurse is one of the hardest, most stressful jobs there is. Nurses are tasked with the great responsibility of keeping people alive while balancing caring for several different patients. Nurses work long hours and often receive minimal pay for their work. Because of these things, nurses often burn

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What Is a Nursing Life Coach?

Life is hard, but stress can make it harder. Because nursing is so demanding, it’s essential for nurses to learn strategies for managing nurse stress in the workplace. The guidance of a nursing life coach may be helpful. What Is a Nursing Life Coach? A nursing life coach is an

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How Stress In the Workplace Affects Nurses

Every workplace produces some amount of stress. However, research from occupational studies suggests nurses have one of the most stressful jobs in America. With such a stressful occupation, it is essential for nurses to learn strategies for managing nurse stress in the workplace. How Stress In the Workplace Affects Nurses

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9 Increasingly Common Symptoms of Nurse Burnout

Nursing has always been a challenging profession, but it’s become even more difficult since the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical professionals are more in demand than ever, so they are working longer hours and getting less rest. Stress in nursing is common, which is why more and more people are suffering from

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10 Keys to Protecting Nurses From Burnout

Nurses are the backbone of our hospitals, often working long, hard, unforgiving hours no matter what is going on in their lives or the world. According to the American Psychology Association, burnout takes a physical and mental toll on our medical professionals who care for patients nationwide. As such, it

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