What Is a Keynote Speaker?

The keynote speaker is the person who sets the tone for a conference or event, and they are often the reason why people come to the event. Today, we’ll explore what the keynote does, how you can find someone for your healthcare-related event, and how to make sure that the speech fits your organization’s goals.

What Is a Keynote Speaker? 

Setting up an event for your employees, board of directors, and investors is a great way of engaging everyone and fostering a sense of community. To make sure your attendees have a positive impression of your business, you’ll need to offer valuable information.

A keynote attracts the right audience, helps people to understand what they will learn at the conference, and answers the most important industry questions. They might also close the event, leaving people with an optimistic outlook.

Setting a Positive Tone for the Meeting 

Often, the keynote speaks at the start of the event to get the audience engaged and help them to understand what the meeting is about. The content of this kind of speech needs to be positive and motivational. The speaker might discuss how they themselves had the problem the audience is now facing, how they overcame it, and what they have achieved since then.

When designing an experience for your attendees, make sure that the chosen keynote and the topic of their speech are relevant to the conference or meeting. Although inspiring the audience at the beginning of the event is important, the keynote speech must be directly connected to the primary topic. Often, choosing someone with the same profession or at least in the same industry as the attendees is the best way of achieving this.

Attracting an Audience 

If you’re designing an event for your team or community, you’ll want to make sure you get as many attendees as possible. The keynote is important because they attract more people. If they are relevant and have a reputation as an excellent speaker, your target audience will be curious to know more, so they’ll sign up for your event. However, choosing the most well-known person isn’t always the best way to go because they might have very high fees.

Always look into various options, and reach out to speakers who could be relevant. By communicating with them directly, you’ll discover whether they’re likely to produce a relevant, specific speech for your audience instead of recycling material they’ve used at dozens of other events. You’ll also be able to ask them whether they do any promotion on your behalf. This is especially important if you’d like to attract guests from outside of your organization.

Engaging the Audience 

There are many ways of engaging an audience, and the best speakers don’t just deliver a speech. They might also ask the audience to discuss relevant points among themselves, ask direct questions, offer to answer audience questions, and use technology to underline their main points. Discuss the upcoming speech with your speaker, and ask them what tools they will use to make the experience more engaging.

It’s also important to listen to a partial or full speech of the person before hiring them. Check whether one is available on YouTube or other social media sites. If not, ask the speaker to provide you with a video. This allows you to evaluate their speaking skills and ensure that their style is right for your organization.

Closing Keynotes

Occasionally, a keynote is used at the end of an event. They might have already spoken earlier on, or they might be new to your audience. The closing speaker’s job is to deliver a compelling and relevant speech that will prompt people to linger instead of leaving early.  

Because attendees often remember the last thing they see or experience most clearly, this speaker sets the tone for how everyone will recall the event. That’s why the message of the closing speaker must be inspirational and compelling. Audience members should feel like they now have more knowledge and are ready to act upon it. Keeping the last speech positive helps people to feel optimistic about their job and industry.

How to Find Speakers for Your Healthcare-Related Event 

There are several ways to find an appropriate keynote speaker for a healthcare-related event. The easiest one is to search for motivational speakers online and read through the biographies of relevant people. From the website, you’ll be able to determine whether an individual’s experience matches what you’re hoping to convey at your event, what kinds of speeches they deliver, and whether they will appeal to your audience.

Once you’ve found someone suitable, reach out to them and ask them about their availability. When speaking to the person directly, you’ll be able to determine whether their style suits the event.

How to Tailor the Speech to Your Situation 

Sometimes, speakers can use an existing speech that is a particularly good fit. However, this is rarely the case. They almost always have to come up with something that is tailored specifically to your business or event. To do so successfully, they’ll need a thorough brief. Put together information about what you’re hoping to achieve, the audience’s main pain points, questions that are likely to come up, and your company history.

Deliver this to the speaker well in advance so they have plenty of time to prepare. It’s also important to specify whether the keynote will speak at the beginning, the end, or both. If they are delivering their speech at the start of the conference, the audience members will be “cold,” so the presentation style needs to be especially engaging.

How to Introduce the Speaker 

Before the keynote goes on stage, they have to be introduced. Ask the speaker how they would like this introduction to go. If they have a lot of experience, they might already know what works best. Maybe there are quotes, inspirational statistics, or social media posts that can be shared with your audience and increase the credibility of the speaker.

It’s almost always best to keep the introduction short and to the point. Aim to talk for just one or two minutes and mention only the most relevant details. Start by speaking about the topic or challenge the speaker will discuss, then say something about where they are from, what experience they have, and what they have achieved. You might want to end with a shocking or provocative statement that gets people curious about the speech.

Why Choose Dr. Feyi?

In the last few decades, the nursing profession has become more and more challenging. Thousands of nurses around the country are on the brink of burnout due to long hours, understaffing, difficult patients, strained work relationships, and irregular working hours.

Dr. Feyi has experience with these issues, and she will speak to your team members about how they can overcome their challenges and continue to work in this profession. She is the perfect keynote for healthcare businesses that are looking to increase the well-being of their nursing staff.

Years of Experience and an Academic Background 

Her first-hand experience in various nursing roles helps Dr. Feyi to understand what hospital employees are going through. She spent ten years working as a nurse in surgical, oncology, and stem cell transplant units, so she has witnessed and overcome countless challenging situations. She also holds a Ph.D. in Nursing Research issued by the University of Illinois.


Whenever Dr. Feyi delivers a speech, she focuses on positivity and finding a way forwards despite the challenges. With her engaging personality and extensive subject knowledge, she is capable of inspiring your attendees and setting the tone for a conference focused on problem-solving. She often speaks about important topics such as focusing on one’s goals with intention, loving one’s body, and finding one’s purpose within the healthcare industry.

A Focus on Improving Your Work Environment 

Hospitals and clinics around the country are struggling to attract new nurses and retain existing staff. For this reason, providing a suitable work environment and making sure that nurses don’t feel burned out is more important than ever. Dr. Feyi helps healthcare-related businesses to find solutions. She’ll inspire your team to consider innovative options like setting up a relaxing break room, animal therapy, and offering mindfulness classes.

When speaking to your team, Dr. Feyi will help them to identify and solve their pain points. She’ll remind the nurses of why they entered the profession in the first place and how crucial their job is. As a result, everyone will come away with a renewed sense of purpose. Because Dr. Feyi always includes practical suggestions in her speeches, your staff will be more equipped to deal with their daily challenges.

Organizations hire a keynote speaker to attract an audience, set the tone for their event, and make sure everyone comes away with a great impression of the conference or meeting. The best speakers are experienced, positive, and focused on your organization’s goal. Reach out to Dr. Feyi at WaistedRN to find out more about the speeches she gives and to check her availability.