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Empowering nursing students and nurses to remember their ‘why’, find their passion and reach their fullest potential. 


Love yourself. Write out your goals. Show up. Be present. Ask for help. Be nice to others. Make good memories. Embrace gratitude.

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Dr. Feyifunmi Sangoleye is considered a mentor and inspires others through social media. One of her passions is empowering women to fall in love with their bodies, find their purpose, and focus on their goals with intention. She truly understands the challenges of wearing the nursing heroic cape with many other hats. As a first-generation immigrant, first child, sibling, wife, mom, nurse, auntie, friend, god mom, educator, mentor, researcher, nurse coach, and entrepreneur, she is constantly juggling one responsibility or another. Her planner is oftentimes chaotic in itself.

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Her clinical experiences on the surgical, oncology and stem cell transplant units heightened her interest in people and their stories. In her 10 years of nursing, Feyi has educated nursing students and fellow nurses, developed patient care guidelines, implemented hospital-wide quality initiatives, given presentations on evidence-based unit research, and received research funding from the Daisy Foundation.


Feyi received her PhD in Nursing Research from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She focused on persistence in graduating baccalaureate nursing students to provide insight into how students successfully navigate their educational programs. The long-term goal of her research is to develop strategies that will facilitate the persistence and success of BSN students, increase workforce diversity, and meet the healthcare needs of a changing U.S. population.


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Feyi has shared her heartfelt motivational talks with nursing students during their pinning ceremony and the American Nurses’ Association – IL Student Political Action Day. Her approach provides humor with relatable illustrations of self-care, empowerment, celebration of achievements, and the pursuit of passion while planning and being present. One of her passions is to remind nurses of their professional 'why', inspire them, and celebrate their impact on the profession.

As a small business owner, she also shares her real-life experiences, so her clients know they are not alone in the struggle to set intentions and achieve goals. TeMi Beads makes it easy for women to adorn themselves with beautiful waistbeads, fall in love with their bodies, track any weight changes, and discover their feminine energy. As the WaistedRN, Feyi discusses her passion and mission to help others fall in love with themselves. She believes that mindset, confidence, and self-love is critical to navigating the world and performing at high levels.

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Post pandemic, there has been an increase in nursing shortage associated with stress, burnout, professional pessimism, lack of support, and fear for personal safety. Nurses are questioning their professional calling and exiting at high rates with implications for the nursing workforce and society

Considering the ongoing nursing shortage and its impact on healthcare, understanding how to facilitate success for nursing students and new nurses is essential to building the workforce. Her goal is to understand what nurses need to thrive in this different healthcare environment and magnify their voices to get the support they need.

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Feyi is a Dr. Nurse and Entrepreneur at the intersection of research, health, wellness, and female empowerment. As a motivational keynote speaker she delivers keynotes to inspire and ignite the audience.  


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